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Tue. Jan. 15, 2019

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New Cherokee Web Site

What we do for YOU:

If you are a bank or investor: We help you resolve your problems related to distressed real estate and delinquent loans on troubled properties.

If you are a community leader: We own and operate commercial and residential real estate rental properties. If we work in your community, we will: effectuate community development by rehabilitating dilapidated eyesores; improve tax collections; and stabilize property values.

We make non-performers work!

Single Family Home Rescued from Demolition
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Revitalizing Communities

Cherokee is committed to being a good corporate citizen, and a responsive and responsible property owner.

This web site provides numerous examples of how we benefit the communities within which we work, as well as provides information that may help local government in their community development efforts. socially and economically, and creates housing and jobs, by rehabilitating properties that had previously been severely neglected, physically and financially.

This website was re-launched in 2010. It is Under Construction, and many pages and photos will be continually updated. We appreciate your patience as we work to make this web site as productive and useful as the rest of Cherokee's business operations.

This is the primary Internet web site of the Cherokee Realty Group of companies, based in Red Bank, New Jersey USA.

We own and operate residential and commercial investment properties, primarily in New Jersey. However our real estate operations are just one aspect of our business. Our affiliated companies buy portfolios of non-performing mortgages and property tax liens, as well as REO and other distressed real estate. To learn about the Cherokee Group of companies, please click here.

The central theme to all Cherokee business activities is "renovation". We acquire assets that are not "performing", and we commit the resources necessary to restore them to productive use.

This web site is focused primarily on Cherokee's real estate operations, and how these benefit the communities within which we work.

We define "success" as earning a fair profit in the course of helping people, and improving the communities where we work.

This web site has the same goals as our company, which is to help improve the circumstances of the people and communities we touch. Therefore we offer a great many resources on this web site that are not intended to advance our parochial business goals, but rather to share our knowledge with others. We believe that an incoming tide raises all boats, so by helping the people and communities where we work and own properties, we're helping ourselves at the same time.

The objective of this web site is to facilitate your interaction with Cherokee, and assist individuals, organizations and communities improve their real estate-related circumstances.

To find the information you seek, use the buttons on the blue navigation bar at the top of this window, or click on the "Let Us Guide You" box in the lower left hand corner.

We hope you find this web site helpful. We welcome your questions or comments. Please send a webform email from our Contact Us page, or call us during business hours (on the East Coast) at (732) 741-2000.

Thank you for visiting the Cherokee Group.