Helping Local Government

Wed. Jun. 12, 2024
This web site is focused on how Cherokee's investment activities facilitates community development. This page provides useful information and links for municipal officials.

For New Jersey Municipalities

This web page is intended to serve the information needs of local municipal government officials in New Jersey. Also see For California Municipalities.

If you are a local municipal government official from outside of the State of New Jersey, we offer Community Development links that may be useful to you.

While Cherokee's investment footprint is national (16 states as of 2011), most of our real estate holdings are in New Jersey. Consequently we work closely with states' local government officials, and thus are in a position to better anticipate their needs.

Simply put, you want Cherokee to own properties in your municipality. We take blighted and otherwise undesirable properties, and turn them into attractive, safe, taxpaying, productive members of the community. And they stay that way. Cherokee is a long term investor. We fix them up, and responsibly manage them as long term investments.

So whether it's a 2-4 family house, or a commercial/industrial complex, Cherokee will be an attentive, responsible landlord. We're also a good corporate citizen, and we will become involved in the community, supporting local police, volunteer fire departments, affordable housing initiatives, and community based organizations.

We offer various economic and community development resources to New Jersey's municipal officials on this page of our web site.

If you are visiting this web site to learn more about Cherokee, please click here.