Our People

Wed. Jun. 12, 2024

On this page we describe some of our key personnel. In some instances, the individual described here is representative of others within our company.

Our Key People

More About Us

In addition to our own staff, Cherokee has retained some of the most capable and respected individuals in specialty fields critical to our success, including tax liens, non-performing mortgages including securitizations and trusts, bankruptcy law, and the full spectrum of environmental abatement, from engineers to attorneys.

A 2-page overview of the Cherokee Group is available for download.

For Security Reasons:

Regrettably, our world is increasingly dangerous. Recently, some Cherokee personnel were confronted at their homes, or contacted by telephone, by individuals associated with foreclosures, or by people seeking "special" treatment. We therefore now truncate the names of most individuals named on our public web sites, to protect their security and privacy, and that of their families.

In order to reduce spam we do not publish "clickable" e-mail addresses. Please see the Contact Cherokee web page for email information.

Jay Wolfkind

Acquisitions Director. Responsible for asset identification, analysis and acquisition. Supervises workout/foreclosure operations. Background includes 30 years of entrepreneurial success, including commercial and residential real estate development, information technology, law, and public sector project management.

Charlotte C.

Supervises Cherokee's real estate portfolio. Responsible for regulatory and compliance issues, and banking relationships. Commercial and residential real estate broker over 25 years.

Hal H.

Responsible for loan servicing operations (Cherokee Financial). Over 30 years experience in senior management in banks and tax lien trading organizations, including EVP and COO, supervising hundreds of staff and managing non-performing portfolios of tax liens and mortgage worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Broad experience developing and executing systems for foreclosures and collections.

Dennis S.

Dennis has over 35 years of broad experience "working out" Non-Performing Loan portfolios in the banking sector, as senior bank management, or as a consultant to senior management, at some of the largest financial institutions in the America. Restructured large NPL portfolios under tremendous regulatory and fiscal duress, during one of the worst real estate recessions in history. Also has extensive experience in real estate development, including large complex transactions and mixed-use portfolios.

Robert DePow

PhD. Supervises environmental due diligence and abatement engineering. Over 45 years of engineering and management experience in the chemical and petroleum industries. Director of the Independent Liquid Terminals Association. Advisor to domestic and foreign governments, major petroleum companies, law firms, financial institutions and courts.

Donald Daily

Responsible for property/collateral analysis, construction, and field maintenance. 35 years experience in residential, commercial and military construction. Serviced OREO pools for public and private institutions.