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Here's how to get in contact with us.

Contact Us

Contact Information


The main phone number to our Red Bank, New Jersey office is:
(732) 741-2000


The main fax number in Red Bank is:
(732) 741-2009
(If you were provided a different fax number, for a particular person or department, please use that instead of the general fax.)

Traditional Mail or Courier

If you prefer to write to us in the traditional sense, or send material via Fedex or other courier or delivery services, our street address for mail or courier service is: 133 Maple Avenue
Red Bank, NJ 07701


Virtually everyone in our organization utilizes e-mail. If you know the e-mail address of the person to whom you would like to communicate, you may send them an e-mail using your regular e-mail infrastructure (i.e. Outlook, webmail, etc.).

Cherokee Clients

If you are a tenant in a Cherokee property, and want to know how to send your rent to us, please click here.

If you owe money for a mortgage payment to Cherokee Financial, please click here to go to the Cherokee Financial web site.

Sending Secure E-mail

When sending email to anyone, at Cherokee or otherwise, you should remember that it is not a private message. It is like talking to someone in public, in that anyone else can listen to your conversation if they are close by, and choose to be rude. It's almost the same with email.

If you wish to communicate with Cherokee using email, but if you wish to have that communication be private, then we recommend you encrypt the message using a "Digital Certificate".

You can learn more about this topic, and retrieve the digital certificate associated with Jay Wolfkind's email (and others to follow soon), at the Digital Certificate page of our web site.

Travel Directions

Download travel directions to Cherokee's main offices in Red Bank, New Jersey.

Send Us Web Mail

For your convenience, we also offer this web mail function enabling you to send an electronic (e-mail) message to us. Please indicate the person or department to which it should be directed, if known.

We hope you will provide us with the ability to respond to your message, by providing your contact information. However we understand that there will be times when people prefer to remain anonymous, such as when making complaints, or providing "tips". Therefore this form enables you to send us an email without revealing your identity.

This anonymous communication may be used by a tenant, complaining about another tenant, or otherwise notifying us of a condition that you want us to address. (For example, a neighbor making a lot of noise or parking illegally.)

After you click the "Send" button you will see another page with links to continue working on our web site.

Fill and Hit SEND

(Optional, but we can't reply without it or a phone number)

(Optional, if you want us to call you)

THANKYOU! You will receive confirmation that your message has been forwarded after you hit "send"