Why Banks Should Sell Their Bad Loans to Us

Thu. May. 30, 2024

Why Banks + Institutions Should Sell to Cherokee

Why Sell to Cherokee?

This page is directed at financial institutions, professional asset servicers, and institutional owners of non-performing loan portfolios, tax liens, and REO real estate.


Cherokee is a privately held equity boutique. Our principals are involved in every deal. We can make quick decisions.

Our focus and specialized expertise encompasses the workout of acutely distressed NPL. This includes not just scratch and dent, but also fraud, problematic recoveries; and loans tied to compromised collateral, including properties that are polluted, dilapidated, or otherwise impaired legally or physically.

You can be confident of a timely closing based on our track record, focus on risk-intensive deals, and specialized experience with management-intensive loans.

Cherokee can help you recover the maximum value from your NPL. Acute NPL workout is our domain.


Our team includes former senior bank officers, and directors of financial institutions. We've been in your shoes. As such we're sensitive to all the issues you confront in managing, accounting and resolving your NPL portfolios, in the larger context of your overall business.


Cherokee is intimately familiar with all the pressures that impinge on a portfolio sale or workout, including regulators, ratios, credits, stock market analysts, activists, customers, limited internal manpower resources, competitors, etc.

We know how to access the maximum value to your organization, beyond just the immediate cash.

Cherokee can facilitate transactions that may improve your ratios, maintain market capitalization, produce new CRA credits, and create favorable publicity, as well as improve your liquidity and profitability ... swap performing loans for NPL ... or swap NPL from one part of the country for another.

Cherokee will buy your NPL assets:

  1. Outright, on a straight-forward, all-cash basis; or
  2. On a verified contingency basis; or
  3. On a hybrid that we call Guarantee Plus.

Cherokee's history is that of a community development company, building new life into communities. We've been doing this since before it was popular. Since 1993. It's our roots.

Cherokee in fact, rehabilitates many of the distressed residential and commercial properties we acquire. We have a non-profit arm (HOPZ) through which we create affordable housing.

Ironically, our community involvement and non-profit charitable efforts may recover more value out of your NPL portfolios, for you.

Cherokee's community development efforts give us the understanding and flexibility to structure deals that provide a combination of cash and tax credits that may exceed what you might otherwise recover in a straight sale - to Maximize the Good in your portfolios.

As a community development company, Cherokee is a unique and custom resource for the disposal or efficient management of NPL portfolios. We have a product line and experience base that extracts greater financial and social returns from your portfolios. IT'S A GOOD THING.

Cherokee also donates at least five (5%) percent of our profits to a variety of important causes in our communities, including Providence House Domestic Violence Services, a number of Catholic Charities locals, the United Way, a number of YMCA's, and other community development and social endeavors, in a further effort to be a positive change agent in as many communities as possible.

Cherokee We Make Non-Performers Work ... for everyone.

Cherokee is not a broker. We don't flip your property to investors. We don't arrange deals. We are not a bait and switch operation. We don't take your loan list and peddle it all over the Internet. Cherokee is THE investor, and we are the principals. We have a strong reputation with government agencies, financial institutions, and with families just like yours. ASK us for references.

See a description of What Cherokee Buysor download our brochure on how to transform your non-performing assets into cash and goodwill.

To see what your peers are saying about us, please see our References.