PayPal Your Rent

Thu. Feb. 29, 2024

PayPal your Rent

Cherokee Welcomes PayPal

Avoid Late Fees ... Pay Online, Conveniently and Securely

As a service to our customers, Cherokee accepts online payments using the PayPal® system.

When you make a payment by PayPal, there is no mailing delay. You receive immediate credit for the payment. (If payment is made after business hours on the East Coast, or on weekends, you will be credited on the next business day.)

There is no additional charge to you for using this system, Cherokee accepts a reduced amount as a service to our tenants. By using this electronic system, you may avoid late fees, and the risk of lost mail.

Note: If you take a cash advance on your credit card, your bank may charge a fee. This is not a Cherokee charge, and we do not make any representation as to what charges or fees your credit cards may impose for money transfers.)

You don't even need to have a PayPal account to send money using PayPal. In the screens that follow you can designate a major credit card (MasterCard®, Visa®, Discover® or American Express®) as the source of funds.

To make a secure, instant online payment, first type your Lease Number into the box below. (Box appears below this paragraph).

(It does not matter whether or not you use dashes. If you don't know yor Property Number, then enter your Last Name, and the Address of your Property)

You will be forwarded to secure PayPal web pages created for Cherokee. (Note the little padlock symbol in the lower right hand corner of browser window). If you see any security warnings, click YES. Make sure you get to the screen that says You made a payment. That means the process should have completed successfully. Make a note of the transaction number, for your records.