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Tue. Jan. 15, 2019

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Do You Have Exclusivity or Control?

We strongly prefer dealing directly with the controlling stakeholders of prospective investments - the owners, servicing agents, or senior lien holders, or the attorneys, trustees, or exclusive representatives of these involved parties.

We discourage overtures from non-exclusive 'brokers' or anyone who does not have control over a situation. If you are trying to sell all or part of a deal before you've closed, then you are a 'flipper.' The market is flooded with 'pass along' deals. Even the few legitimate deals of this type we've seen are ultimately a waste of time, because they're usually over-priced, or picked through, or both. We get offered the exact same deals, from many people, all the time.

An exception to our 'controlling party' policy will be made when we are offered the opportunity to receive inside guidance from people formerly associated with failed firms, who can provide valuable insights that allow us to pursue opportunities that we'd otherwise not know about. If we can legally receive and use the information, we will gladly compensate the people who bring these opportunities to our attention.

If you:

  1. are in direct contact with the owner or exclusive servicer;

  2. have a relationship with this party;

  3. can provide specific information that is not available elsewhere;

  4. and can add value to the acquisition process, and there is nobody between you and the principal, then we will work with you, and pay you a Facilitator Fee as per our written agreement.

If you are involved with, or know of, an unusually complex distressed real estate 'situation,' where a resourceful 'white knight' like Cherokee could become involved, and use its skills and resources to solve a problem and earn a profit, please contact Jay Wolfkind at (800) 543-0201 or send an email to

For more information regarding the criteria we use when evaluating a prospective acquisition, and how we work with brokers and intermediaries, please download "Cherokee's Acquisition Criteria."

We Welcome Brokers et al

Thank you for your interest in working with Cherokee. There are various types of brokers or intermediaries, and Cherokee seeks to deal fairly with all.

If you are a real estate broker, we have a page on this web site focused on how we work with the real estate brokerage community. Please see our Real Estate Brokers page.

We recognize the value of referrals, and the powerful leverage that professional intermediaries can effect in opening doors and facilitating transactions. We encourage and protect intermediaries who bring business opportunities to Cherokee, subject to the comments at left.

For more information regarding the criteria we use when evaluating a prospective acquisition, and how we work with brokers and intermediaries, please download "Cherokee's Acquisition Criteria."

We are actively seeking information regarding non-performing loans, tax liens and properties that might be available. If you own or manage such assets, or if you have been hired to represent the owner or manager of such assets, we encourage you to contact Jay Wolfkind, our Acquisitions Director, at (732) 741-2000, or by webform mail at our Contact Us page.

If you are aware of a situation, or a property, that might potentially be an opportunity for Cherokee, then it is also an opportunity for you ... if you call us. Your involvement can remain anonymous.

Please contact our Acquisition Director, Jay Wolfkind. He's in our Red Bank, New Jersey office at (732) 741-2000, extension 11. You can also send him a webform mail from our Contact Us page.