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Thu. Dec. 13, 2018

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Cherokee is a "value" investor. We acquire "non-performing" assets when we perceive an opportunity to add significant value by applying our specialty asset recovery expertise to recover the latent value trapped in these distressed assets.

Our primary business involves distressed real estate, delinquent mortgages, and aged tax liens on distressed properties.

However we occasionally acquire "other" types of assets, where our core competencies can be focused on identifying and recovering the potential value of these assets.

These "other" assets can include judgments, awards, contract rights, royalty streams, liquor licenses, patent rights, and other assets that have the potential to result in financial recoveries.

These "other" types of assets are acquired and managed by Cherokee Equities, our affiliate company. When the new Cherokee Equities web site is launched in mid 2011, it will display specific examples of these "other" assets, as well as discuss the ways that Cherokee can help the owners of these assets recover their net present value.

Cherokee Financial is our division that owns and services mortgage loan portfolios, nationally.

Cherokee is not a law firm, and we are not a collection agency. We are principal investors trading for our own accounts.

We acquire distressed assets either outright, or on a contingent performance basis.

If you'd like to learn more about how Cherokee might be able to help you evaluate your non-performing assets, please call Jay Wolfkind at (732) 741-2000, or send him an email using the Contact Us web page.

Thank you for your interest in the Cherokee Group.