Sat. Aug. 15, 2020

"Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it." - Bill Cosby


Every industry has its unique humor, often meaningful only to the people in that particular business.

We offer the content of this page in good fun, as a gesture to our colleagues in the real estate, mortgage and tax lien industries.

Toilets, Toilets and more Toilets. Photographs of some amusing plumbing fixtures considered for installation in some Cherokee properties, but rejected for one reason or another.

That's Not My Job. Ever hear this from someone? This illustrates an example of a public works crew who felt that way.

Humorous Mortgage Terms. This is a listing of terms used in the mortgage industry, and their true meaning as defined by people in the business. See what you think.

Cherokee's take on a Planning Board application. Sometimes it seems that this is what they're really asking us for!

Septic Tank Truck Humor. There's always someone in a dirtier business than you are, and with a sense of humor to prove it!

The painted bathroom floor. Imagine you''re at a party, on the 10th floor of a high rise apartment building, and you have to visit the bathroom. You open the door and ...

Fossil Fuels Poster: the very first "Evil Conservative" Branded Shirt.

The Half Wit: a reminder of the joy of being the boss.

The Duck & The Lawyer. We expect you'll get a "kick" out of this one!

Questions the curious minded want to know - an interesting take on our English language

Where Did That Expression Come From? This isn't humorous, but along the lines of the above, we think it's pretty darn interesting. This explains the origins of some common expressions many of us use every day.

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