Housing Auth seeks Rental Units

Sat. Aug. 15, 2020
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Housing Authority seeking Rental Units

This page is intended for social service organizations who assist clients seeing residential rental properties, presumably with some assistance, and presumably in some distress. Other resources for your clients can be found here

While Cherokee is a private company, we define success as Helping people and communities in the process of earning a fair profit. We view community development as beneficial to our own properties, and we view helping people and families as a moral imperative, and just good business. With this in mind, we offer a variety of useful resources on this page, and elsewhere on this web site, in an effort to assist support public and private social service organizations as they help their clients find affordable housing.

Here, then are additional links to resources we believe may be useful to Housing Authorities as they seek to provide rental housing for their clients in New Jersey.

Cherokee owns and operates commercial and residential rental properties in New Jersey. When Cherokee owns an investment property outside New Jersey, it is managed by local partners and we do not list those situations on this central web site. Please contact the phone number on the property in question.