Our Ethics

Thu. May. 30, 2024
"There is no such thing as a minor lapse of integrity"
- Tom Peters


Cherokee is committed to serving our business colleagues, customers, clients, employees, contractors, vendors, tenants, and host communities with the highest degree of ethical and professional conduct.

We expect our consultants, contractors, representatives, and suppliers to join us in following these guidelines. Our goal is to promote a positive, ethical work environment for everyone. Every Cherokee employee and contractor, regardless of position and function, is important to achieving this goal.

The Work Environment

Cherokee is committed to maintaining a working environment in which everyone is safe, comfortable, productive, learning, and appreciated. Here are certain components that help maintain this environment:

All employees, contractors and other business associates are treated with courtesy and respect. Individuals are not treated differently because of their race, religion, gender, age, disability, or nation of origin.

Employees are required to help maintain a safe, drug-free work environment. Everyone is responsible for helping ensure that our facilities are kept clean and that equipment and other materials are kept in proper storage. Alert management immediately if a safety problem is suspected. Each individual's workspace is to be provided with an environment conducive to performing the work at hand.

An environment of support and teamwork is encouraged. Individuals should seek to assist others when capable of doing so, and offer support and encouragement whenever possible. All individuals are expected to contribute to the extent that they are capable of and are encouraged to seek challenges to improve their level of competency. Cherokee is committed being a moral and responsible corporate citizen. Harassment of any type will not be tolerated.

Respect and Protect Brokers

We appreciate the tremendous value that professional introductions bring to the business world, and the risks associated with making referrals. Cherokee will protect lawful brokers and other intermediaries and business advisors who offer to facilitate relationships between Cherokee and others, such as asset sellers and buyers.

Aside from the moral and ethical aspects of protecting brokers, it's simply good business. The reputation of a service business is one of its greatest assets, and one that can be damaged quickly, easily, and even unintentionally.

To learn more about how Cherokee rewards those who work with us making introductions, please see our "Brokers" web page.

Performing Work

No policy can anticipate all situations that may arise. Since our individual and company reputations rely on the good judgment and performance of all of us, any decision or action by you should always take that into account, and the spirit as well as the letter of this policy should guide you in making appropriate ethical judgments.

Make responsible professional decisions. The efficiency and effectiveness of our Client's expenditures, usually public tax dollars, are often at stake as a result of the work we do. We should always bear this in mind, and apply our knowledge and expertise to provide the most accurate results possible.

Avoid conflicts of interest. Work must be performed without biases and decisions made based on objective judgment and available information. Employees will not participate in any activities that are in conflict with the best interests of our Clients, our communities, and our company.

Involvement with a firm or person who potentially could be a Vendor in a future Evaluation may limit our ability to accept assignments from Evaluation Clients. Be mindful of these situations and use good judgment in choosing to accept work or other association, regardless of the individual or corporate benefit which could result. Even the appearance of a potential conflict of interest may be as significant as an actual conflict. Please bear this in mind.

Be honest and realistic. Communicate our capabilities fairly and represent Cherokee in an accurate manner.

Reject unethical advances. We do not accept for ourselves, and will not participate in providing our Clients or others with illegal or unethical payments, contributions, or gratuities. Any employee receiving an offer of a payment or gratuity of any kind, directly or indirectly, with a value over Fifty Dollars, shall report this in writing to Cherokee's management, and provide the relevant details. Management will then make the appropriate response.


Obviously Cherokee does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, age, disability, or nation of origin. You can view our entire Non-Discrimination Policy at this web page.

No Conflicts of Interest

Cherokee will not represent adverse interests, such as two sides of a transaction, even if our participation is simply advisory.

Professional Conduct

Conduct of business, inside and outside of the office, will be done in a professional manner. Proper behavior includes the following:

Obey the Law. All business should be conducted in a lawful manner.

Keep accurate and complete records. Documents and notes regarding work are kept in order so that others can access and understand them if necessary.

Protect Seller's proprietary information. Asset sellers frequently provide Cherokee with confidential information, which we use to evaluate the viability of a transaction, and to price it accordingly. These disclosures are usually subject to a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). Even when no written Confidentiality Agreement was required, we have a legal and moral responsibility to protect that information, and to use it only for the purpose provided. We take this responsibility very seriously.

Nothing here should prohibit an employee or contractor from accepting or providing such ordinary or customary courtesies as business meals, to the extent that these are reasonable in nature and with an appropriate business purpose.

Tenants + Business Partners

We are committed to conducting our business relationships with the same moral and ethical guidance as our personal relationships.

Thank you for your interest in learning about these principles that guide our operations.