How Can We Help You?

Mon. Jul. 15, 2024
The goal of this "Help" page is to assist you in finding your way around the site, or if you are in need of assistance in an area related to Cherokee's business.

Help for Your Property

Cherokee is a group of companies involved in the acquisition and rehabilitation of "non-performing" assets, including real estate, mortgages and deeds of trust, tax liens, and other financial assets. This web site is primarily focused on our real estate holdings.

Is This an Emergency?

As strange as it sounds, we have received emails from people seeking emergency assistance via the Internet. In one instance, a basement was flooding, and they wanted to know if we could refer them to a plumber who would not charge for the service. (Sorry, we can't.)

So if the "help" you require is associated with an urgent safety issue, such as a fire, break-in, or anything that might endanger the immediate safety of anyone, get off your computer, pick up a telephone, and call 911 immediately.

Only after arranging for emergency response by police, fire or ambulance should you contact anyone else.

Other Kinds of "Help"

Cherokee Tenants

If you are a tenant of a property owned by Cherokee, please go to this page on our web site .

Legal Help

Do you need a lawyer? If you need legal help, but you cannot afford an attorney, you may be able to get free or discounted legal services. To learn more, and to locate legal services in your state, please see our Legal Aid page.

Housing Assistance

If you are on the Internet searching for resources to help you buy a home for your family, please see this page.

If you are looking for help finding rental housing for your family, please see this page.

Help with Distressed Properties

If you own a "distressed" property, mortgage or related debt, and are searching for help understanding or resolving your problem, please see our help for owners of distressed assets page.

Are you an elected or appointed official looking for community development resources, especially related to "board-ups" and polluted properties? Please see our Community Development resources.

Help Using this Web Site

If you need assistance understanding this web site, or instructions with regard to navigation or other functionality of this web site, such as the Search page, FAQ, or other functionality, please see our "Help Using This Web Site" page.