About Us

Thu. May. 30, 2024

Cherokee: Who We Are & What We Do

Cherokee is an investor. We are a private, for-profit company that strives to "do good" in the course of "doing well".

We help other investors and government agencies analyze and solve their "bad debt" and "bad real estate" problems.

We buy distressed and other "non-performing" real estate, mortgages, tax liens, and related debt. We own and operate rental real estate.

The central theme of our business is "recycling value", whether that takes the form of real estate or financial instruments.

Cherokee is a group of inter-related operations. The web site you are reading at this moment is the Internet home of Cherokee real estate companies. We redevelop, renovate and manage commercial and residential real estate investments, primarily in New Jersey.

To learn about Cherokee "in a nutshell", please click here. This tells you who we are, what we do, where we do it, and how we can help you.

Cherokee's philosophy is that "success" is more than just making money. Success is earning a fair profit in the course of helping people, and improving the communities where we live and work. This is our "Mission Statement".

Our People. To meet some of the individuals behind our company, please click here.

Our Purpose. Our Mission Statement articulates the principles by which we operate, the objectives of our company, and the means by which we hope to achieve these goals. To read Cherokee's Mission Statement, please click here.

Examples of our real estate portfolio are pictured here.

Cherokee properties available for Sales or Lease are listed here.

Examples of how our real estate development activities improve the communities in which we work are described here and here.

Examples of what people are saying about Cherokee can be seen here.

Our Portfolios. We own a variety of "things", including real estate, mortgages, tax liens, and other financial assets. But our investment "portfolio" is most readily illustrated by the properties that we have restored to productive use. To see some of these please click here.

What We Buy. Do you have a problem? This is a summary of what we buy, where we buy it, how we work, and how we can help you resolve your liquidity and legal problems. To see more please click here.

Some Cherokee business units are certified as Woman Business Enterprises ("WBE") and/or Small Business Enterprises ("SBE"). To learn more, please click here.

You can download Cherokee's brochures here. For your convenience we (will during the first half of 2011) offer brochures that describe our company and what we do. Since different visitors may be interested in various aspects of what we do, we've developed several variations that focus on different aspects of how we help people, and improve places.