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Mon. Jul. 15, 2024

Links for Our Government Partners

Visitors to this web site will have different interests and reasons for being here. We have attempted to segment the information on our site into topics of interest to the various "constituencies" with whom we interface. This page is an "Index" of topics and pages that we feel will be most useful to visitors from the public and social service sectors.

The result of Cherokee's business activities is beneficial to local government, to community leaders of all types, and to all those interested in economic and community development. We help build better communities, one property at a time, and one family or business at a time.

Cherokee improves municipal finance, reduces the number of "distressed" properties in a community, and generally acts as a stabilizing agent. We do this by investing in municipal tax sale certificates, and then by acquiring and renovating abandoned or otherwise distressed properties from absent or just irresponsible owners.

The links on this page are shortcuts for viewers interested in these topics.

We invite visitors from local New Jersey governments ("municipal governments") to see our New Jersey Municipal Officials page. We focus on issues most directly affecting your communities, and explain how property rehabilitation, including firms like Cherokee, support your community building objectives.

Our overview on the subject of Community Development, especially as real estate rehabilitation is useful in effectuating these community improvements, is on this web page. This page and it's links are focused on the interests of all community leaders, inside government as well as community-based organizations, who seek fresh ideas, or additional resources, to help effectuate social and economic improvements in their communities.

Smart Growth is a land use concept that basically says it's better to preserve existing properties and infrastructure in urban and suburban areas, rather than continuing to expand outward. This national trend is especially germane in the Northeast US, where population growth is causing real estate development to expand outward, consuming farms and forests.

In addition to the detrimental effects of forever losing "open space", this expansion creates demand for more roads and other infrastructure, and is ecologically undesirable as "commuters" create air pollution, and other negative affects.

Cherokee's real estate rehabilitation is in concert with these "smart" development strategies, because we recycle real estate, physically and economically. To learn more about how Smart Growth strategies can benefit your community, please see Smart Growth Strategies for Community Development.

To learn how Cherokee's investment and development activities benefit you and your communities, please see How Cherokee helps Community Development.

When Cherokee makes investments in a community, everyone wins. If you are a community leader who would like to invite us to consider an investment in your (New Jersey) community, we encourage you to contact us. The easiest way is to telephone Jay Wolfkind, Cherokee's Acquisitions Manager, at (732) 741-2000. Alternately you can send Jay an email, anonymously if you wish, using our Contact Us page.