Rental Housing Resources

Mon. Jul. 15, 2024
Thank you for your interest in The Cherokee Group. This web site is focused on our real estate and community development activities. To learn who we are, what we do, and how we help you, please follow the links below.

Help Getting Rental Housing

This page is intended to provide useful information to families in need of rental housing. If you are at our web site, we presume you are in need of financial or other assistance, if not outright subsidies. Further, since you are "surfing the web" seeking answers, we presume you have technical literacy sufficient to utilize the hyperlinks we offer on our web site.

Cherokee is committed to being a positive influence in the communities we work. Our efforts are focused on creating and preserving safe, attractive, affordable housing, as well as preserving commercial properties that provide local jobs and provide services to the community.

The safety of housing is as important as its availability and affordability. That's why we offer a variety of resources on this web site intended to help our readers maintain a safe home for their families, and their tenants. For example,Cherokee provides information about insuring the safety of your family or tenants in residential dwellings and indoor air quality.

Do you need a lawyer? If you need an attorney, but you cannot afford one, you may be able to get free or discounted legal services. To learn more, and to locate legal services in your state, please see our Legal Aid web page

You Have a Right to Safe and Decent Housing.

If you are at this web page because you presently rent a home or apartment from someone else, and you believe that they (your current landlord) is not complying with the law, or is otherwise behaving unreasonably, by not maintaining the property properly, or trying to force you out, there are agencies and other advocates who may be able to help you.

If you are in New Jersey, a good place to learn more about your rights as a residential tenant are available at Legal Services of New Jersey. You can also call their free telephone hotline at 1-888-576-5529.

Ask your member of congress to help you find affordable housing

Cherokee is not able to provide direct assistance to people looking for affordable housing. The first places you should try are your elected officials. Every member of Congress has a staff member whose job it is to assist the people they represent, that is, their constituents with issues such as the ones you are facing. This person should know the local community and how you can best go about finding the services you need.

Find your member of Congress by entering your ZIP code in the "Search by Zip Code" box on that web page.

You will then see the elected officials representing your district. Click on their name and you'll be taken to their web page, where you will find detailed contact information, including their local offices in your area. Call the office that is nearest to you. Ask for the person who handles constituent services. Explain your situation, and ask for suggestions on how to best access affordable housing in your district. The constituent caseworker should be able to point you in the right direction or suggest resources in your area.