Examples of Cherokee's Success

Mon. Jul. 15, 2024
Cherokee Makes Non-Performers Work!

When we talk about community development, and being a responsive and responsible corporate citizen, we mean it. We practice what we preach, one property at a time. Our job isn't "done" when construction is over ... sustainability is an on- going process. This is how Cherokee operates our commercial and residential rental properties. We believe it's why you should welcome Cherokee into your neighborhoods. We'll prove it, again and again, in your community.

Examples of Making Non-Performs Work:

124 Leighton Avenue, Red Bank NJ

211 James Clark Pl, Aberdeen NJ


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Cherokee bought a 6-unit apartment building here in 1998 that was hazardous to the occupants, a nuisance to the police, and an eyesore to the neighborhood. The property had been vacated and boarded on my order, and abandoned by the former owner due to a structure fire...

I am please to report that they did everything they promised, and more... They did a complete restoration of the property inside and out. As they promised, their project included aesthetic improvements well in excess of what would have been required for Certificates of Occupancy.

Edward Striedl
Borough Manager
Code Enforcement Officer,
Borough of Keansburg

A [TRUE] Thanksgiving Story

Cherokee prides itself on being an exceptionally responsive and responsible land- lord. This is a typical (and actual) example of how we manage our residential investment properties:

On Wednesday, November 21, 2007, at 1:15 pm, the day before Thanksgiving, while many people were already on their way home or to airports, we received a frantic phone call from a resident of one of our apartments. She sobbed that her oven would not heat up. We went through troubleshooting protocols, eliminating causes like pilot lights going out, utilities turned off, etc.

Within an hour a maintenance technician was at the property. He determined that the appliance had failed (only 2 years old). The tenant had heat and electric, but no oven. No Thanksgiving meal. Crying. Panic.

We reached out to our supplier. We buy a lot of appliances. We twisted arms. We succeeded in having a brand new stove delivered, within 45 minutes. Less than three hours after the first phone call, a new oven had been installed, tested by a licensed plumber, and was working. Our field techs got hugs, and invitations to dinner. Happy tears all around.

Technically it was not an emergency. But to that family it was. It was the difference between Thanksgiving and Catastrophe. How many landlords would expend the energy and resources to deliver and install an oven, on a few hours notice, on the afternoon before a major holiday? How many landlords have the corporate culture, and the caring people who are committed to this kind of service? We do.

We believe this is one of the reasons that we enjoy above average occupancy rates, and consistently produce attractive investment returns. We work hard to build and maintain a cooperative relationship with tenants, neighbors, housing authorities, building departments, and our host communities.