Drop A Dime

Thu. May. 30, 2024
If there are dilapidated or abandoned commercial or residential properties in your community, let us know!

Can we fix your neighbourhood?

Cherokee solves problems

Cherokee owns and operates investment real estate, both residential and commercial. We frequently acquire dilapidated, legally and economically distressed properties as a result of litigation. We then rehabilitate these properties, legally, physically, and if necessary, environmentally. This improves the entire neighborhood, as well as reestablishes the property as a productive, taxpaying contributor to the municipality.

The more properties we own in your community, the more renovated, well maintained properties there will be.

After becoming acquainted with the results of Cherokee's rehabilitation activities, and working with us over time, municipal officials often tell us that they wish we owned more properties in their communities. Our response is typically along the lines of "let us know about distressed properties that are detrimental to the economic and social fabric of your neighborhoods, and we'll see if there is an opportunity for us to become involved".

To learn more about how Board-Ups (Boarded Up Buildings) negatively impact entire communities, not just the immediate owners and neighbors, please see Renovating Board-Ups

Mortgage fraud hurts everyone. You can help fight it, and thereby help stabilize property values and the tax base in your community.

Let us know about it!

Obviously there are only certain situations that offer us a mechanism to acquire an interest, and not every situation will be economically viable.

But we can, and we will, check it out. One way or another, you will learn the status of the property, as a result of our expert investigation.

If your referral leads to a successful transaction, the result may be a renaissance ... for the property, for the community, and for you. That's because we are pleased to recognize referrals by making donations to any local charity of your choosing, to the extent this is fully disclosed, and appropriate under the circumstances.

You do not need to provide, any specific information. You do not have to be a party to the matter (i.e. you don't have to be an owner, neighbor, etc.).

Drop A Dime !

Is there a property in your community that you wish someone responsible like Cherokee would take care of? Do you know of someone committing fraud?

To alert us about a neglected property, please call (toll free) 800-543-0201, and ask for Jay Wolfkind. You can also send a fax to 732-741-2009. Or, send us an email using our Contact Us web form.

If you wish, you may even remain anonymous.