Commercial Redevelopment

Thu. May. 30, 2024
Thank you for your interest in The Cherokee Group. This web site is focused on our real estate and community development activities. To learn who we are, what we do, and how we help you, please follow the links below.

Commercial Development

Most constituents of a "community" need a "place to be". Residential properties provide shelter where families live and prosper. Commercial properties provide jobs, and a "place" where commerce, government and other activities can place, including office, retail, industrial, spiritual, and governmental.

Having the correct mix of commercial properties in proximity to residential properties makes a community more prosperous, and facilitates our lifestyles. From shopping to offices, hospitals to warehouses, we need "commercial" (and "industrial") properties as much as we need homes, and farmland, and parks.

As a real estate investor, Cherokee owns and operates both residential and commercial properties. In addition to earning a fair profit, we are committed to having our properties be good neighbors in their communities in every way, including esthetically and economically. We provide safe, attractive, productive properties that create jobs, and provide quality housing opportunities. Cherokee is a prudent investor. As such, we diversify our portfolio. We hold a mix of residential and commercial properties, in a variety of geographies, giving us political, economic and social diversity.

Commercial and industrial properties are important to a community because they not only strengthen the tax base, but they create local jobs, reduce the need for transportation, and serve the community with its needs.

Cherokee is an "opportunity" investor in non-performing commercial properties. We acquire properties when a find an "opportunity" to acquire it at a discount, and when we believe we can add value and restore it to safe, productive use. This supports our community development activities, and allows us the opportunity to earn a fair profit. Profits are important because this is the "raw material" that enables us to analyze and acquire still more properties, continuing the cycle of economic rebirth.

Some examples of commercial properties that Cherokee has renovated are here.