Collectors + Finance Officers

Thu. May. 30, 2024

Tax Collectors & Financial Officers

Cherokee Realty is affiliated with Cherokee Equities LLC, a tax lien investor. Cherokee Equities rarely buys tax certificates at the sale. Since we are primarily investors in non performing real estate and related debt, we usually buy aged and non-performing liens from other traders in the secondary market.

Whenever Cherokee owns a tax lien, all ongoing tax payments (subs for subsequently due taxes) are always tendered promptly. If we own a piece of property, all taxes and utility charges are always paid promptly. We believe that economic development starts with municipal finance, and the smooth flow to tax revenues to a municipality is the core of that concept.

Cherokee is a group of inter-connected businesses, and this web site represents our real estate operations. To learn more about our tax lien operations, please visit the web site of Cherokee Equities Also, please note that the Cherokee Equities web site is several years old, and it will be completely relaunched shortly.

In addition to our charitable contributions, Cherokee also supports (financially and sometimes in other ways) the following organizations:

Tax Collectors and Assessors are often the first to learn about suspicious real estate transactions. Many suspicious or curious transactions are early indicators of mortgage fraud. You can help stabilize the property values in your municipality, and protect your ratables, by alerting others if you suspect something fishy about a transaction. Mortgage fraud hurts everyone. You can help fight it.