An Overview: What We Buy

Wed. Apr. 17, 2024

An Overview of What Cherokee Purchases

Cherokee is an opportunity real estate investor. This type of value investing in distressed, non-performing assets is sometimes also called vulture investing.

We acquire distressed, non-performing broken assets, including real estate, mortgages and tax liens, and then fix them up, restoring them to productive use. This includes the acquisition of contaminated properties that we clean up and repair. This page briefly summarizes the types of things we buy, and in what circumstances. We then provide links to more detailed information elsewhere on this web site.

Cherokee primarily acquires real estate, property tax liens, and defaulted non-performing mortgages and trust deeds.

We also acquire other special situation assets such as judgments, contract and patent rights, and other assets and interests that can be restored thru diligent, hard work.

Real Estate is Cherokee's primary long term investment vehicle. We own and operate a portfolio of commercial and residential rental properties.

Cherokee buys real estate that needs a lot of work, physically, legally and environmentally. Properties acquired by Cherokee are usually vacant, dilapidated, and encumbered by more debt than the property is worth. Typically the owners have abandoned it. These blighted properties create havoc for the neighbors and the community, depressing surrounding property values, straining municipal budgets, and requiring a disproportionate amount of fire, police and code enforcement resources. Cherokee will buy fee simple ownership interests from owners and heirs, as well as mortgages and tax liens associated with these properties.

Tax Liens and Mortgages are debts/financial instruments associated with, and secured by, real estate. When they are making timely payments or otherwise proceeding as expected, they are performing. When they are not making timely payments, or when the borrower or collateral becomes impaired, and as a result the full collectibility of the asset is Questionable, it is called a Non Performing asset, or Non-Performing Loan. Cherokee buys these non-performing assets, as-is for all cash, and assumes the risk and responsibility of trying to collect as much as possible.

For a summary of why you should consider selling assets to Cherokee, please download the Cherokee NPL CRA Sellers Brochure (a PDF document).

For more information regarding the criteria we use when evaluating a prospective acquisition, please download our one-page document called "Cherokee's Acquisition Criteria."

Alternately, please go to our What We Buy page for more comprehensive description of the various kinds of non-performing assets Cherokee buys.

If you or someone you know owns a troubled piece of property, including contaminated properties, and are interested in exploring the possibility of having Cherokee help you shed the liability, please call our Acquisition Director, Jay Wolfkind, at (732) 741-2000. All discussions are completely confidential.

If you are a broker or other intermediary, and you wish to present potential acquisitions to Cherokee, please see our Brokers + Other Intermediaries page, download our "Cherokee's Acquisition Criteria" or call Jay Wolfkind at (732) 741-2000 or send a webform email from our Contact Us page.