Paying Your Rent

Thu. May. 30, 2024

This page is provided as a service to existing commercial and residential tenants occupying properties owned by Cherokee. Remember that nothing on this page supersedes your lease.

Paying Your Rent

If you are a current commercial or residential tenant in a Cherokee-owned property, your lease explains what rent you agreed to pay, and when. Additionally, the manager of the property you occupy is in contact with you often, and you can always contact him/her with Questions, comments or problems.

The date we receive your payment is the date it is credited, not the date you mail it. We are not responsible for lost or delayed mail. It is your responsibility to insure that payments are received by us on or before the date due.

All rent is payable in US Dollars, drawn on a US bank.

You can give the rent in person to the Cherokee Property Manager, and that is considered delivered. NEVER give your rent to repairmen, other vendors, or someone else to give to Cherokee. Anyone who is not a direct employee of Cherokee, or engaged as a contract property manager, is not authorized to receive money.

The terms of residential tenancies are sometimes modified by new regulations promulgated by government agencies, and Cherokee always conforms to the latest requirements in every jurisdiction. Commercial tenancies are generally not changed by regulators.

If Cherokee recently became your landlord, but you have not yet received Rent Coupons, please write your rental address, including city and state, on the Memo line of your check. A cover letter is even better. Please make sure we have a telephone number, with area code, to call you if we have any Questions.

Mail Your Rent

Please pay your rent in accordance with the instructions in your lease, or as instructed by Cherokee in writing. All rent payments, and other correspondence, should be sent by USPS mail or other delivery method to: Cherokee, 133 Maple Avenue, Red Bank, NJ 07701, unless you were told differently, in writing.

Please allow at least five (5) days for your check to arrive. Remember, we are not responsible for lost or delayed mail.

Pay rent with PayPal

As a service to our customers, in the near future Cherokee will accept electronic payments (including from your credit cards) via PayPal®, the world's largest online payment system. Sending money by PayPal may help you avoid late fees, and the inconvenience of going to the Post Office. Even if you do not have a PayPal account, you can still use this system to send money to Cherokee. See details on Cherokee's PayPal page.

Identify Your Rent Payments

We receive many checks and correspondence, and sometimes cannot determine who a payment is from, especially when third parties make partial rent payments for you. It is not uncommon for the friends or family of a tenant to help with the rent. If they send us a check or money order, or use PayPal to electronically send money to us, we may not be able to determine who the money is coming from, who the money is intended to apply to, or what property or period the money is intended to be applied to. Therefore it is important that you indicate on any money orders or checks WHO the money is for. If you PayPal money to us, please use the field entitled Notes so we know who to credit.

If any payment bounces or is not honored for any reason, the result is worse than if you made no payment at all, because when a check bounces, we are entitled to an administrative fee, as well as a late fee, to the extent permitted by law and your lease.

Thank you for choosing to occupy a Cherokee property. We encourage you to contact us page if there is anything we can do to make your occupancy more enjoyable or productive.