Current Vendors

Mon. Jul. 15, 2024

For Current Vendors

This web page is intended for people and organizations that are currently providing goods or services to Cherokee.

If you are not presently working with us, but are interested in possibly doing so, please see our Prospective Business Partners page.

If you are presently working for someone who is in turn working for us (i.e. you are a subcontractor) please do not communicate with us directly unless there is a problem with your prime contractor. (If you want to alert us to a problem, but you want to remain anonymous, please see our Anonymous Tips page.

Secure Login.

One of the purposes of this web site is to facilitate communication between Cherokee and our business partners, vendors, contractors, and others with whom we do business.

We offer a secure area of our web site for the exclusive use of each individual person or firm. Whether you are an attorney, investigator, seller of loans or properties, or a lawn maintenance firm, if we provided a unique User ID (UID) and password, you can use it to access a web page created especially for you. From that page there will be links to other secure resources, as well as a function enabling you to upload files (send them from your computer to ours) securely, using 256 bit encryption. New assignments are available for download.

If you know your User ID and password, and if you want to download or upload files, or see the confidential messages or material associated with your work, please go to our Secure Login page.

Note: To encrypt and decrypt files you must use Public Key Encryption, and you must have Java installed on the computer from which you access this secure page.

If you wish to send a secure, encrypted email to Cherokee, but do not have access to our Secure Login page, you can down the Public Key from Digital Certificate for some of Cherokee's personnel .

Payment Terms.

Cherokee pays properly submitted invoices as agreed. We generally issue checks twice a month from our Red Bank, New Jersey accounting office.

Unless otherwise agreed, in writing in advance, our standard payment terms are net 30 days.

Subcontractors, whether providing services or goods, are paid by their contractor, who is paid by Cherokee. We will intercede as appropriate to ensure that all subcontractors are paid promptly, and treated fairly, by their contractors. If one of our contractors does not exhibit the business ethics and financial stability that we expect of our business partners, we will promptly review that relationship.

Insurance Certificates

If you or your company provide services to Cherokee, we must receive a valid Certificate of Insurance before we can release payment. This requirement is clearly detailed in all our Purchase Orders and other acquisition and acquisition correspondence.

The specific requirements for each Certificate of Insurance are detailed in our Purchase Order. It is important that the correct Cherokee business entity the named, and that the other particulars be correct, such as the location of delivery, as well as the amounts. We will call your insurance broker to verify coverage. This is our standard procedure, and is not indicative of any mistrust on our part of any particular vendor or insurance carrier.


Cherokee selects vendors based on their capacity to provide goods and services in a reliable and responsible manner, at a fair price. We allow our vendors flexibility to subcontract as they deem appropriate, as long as our vendor is fully accountable, and the deliverables are of consistently high quality. We do not require our vendors to subcontract work to any particular person or firm.

We require our vendors to treat their own subcontractors and employees in a professional and businesslike manner, in accordance with the same legal and ethical standards that we apply to our own business relationships. If you have information that one of Cherokee's vendors is not operating in accordance with these principles, we would appreciate your alerting us to this situation so that we can investigate and act accordingly. You can notify us, anonymously if you wish, by following the instructions on our Anonymous Tips page.

Are you interested in telling us about prospective opportunities for us to acquire assets? If so, please contact Jay Wolfkind, our Acquisitions Director, using the contact Cherokeec web page or see What We Buy.

Are you curious about investment opportunities in this business, or with Cherokee? Please see our Investors page.

Current Title Searchers & Other Researchers

This is the web site of Cherokee Realty, which manages the real estate operations of the Cherokee Group. Our sister company, Cherokee Equities, usually handles acquisitions, and the due diligence that precedes an acquisition. Except for Exception Processing, most of this research is coordinated out of our Oklahoma City office.

If you are a title searcher or abstractor, or other researcher conducting due diligence for Cherokee, please contact the specific person who gave you the work. They will have provided their personal email, and a direct dial phone number.

If you are an abstractor or researcher working for an attorney or title company that works for Cherokee, please direct communications thru your employer, unless they explicitly asked you to direct a Question to us.

If you are unsure who you should speak with, please send an eform query found on our Contact Us page or call Carol Green at Cherokee's main offices in Red Bank, New Jersey at (732) 741-2000, extension 30.