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Wed. Apr. 17, 2024
Thank you for your interest in The Cherokee Group. This web site is focused on our real estate and community development activities. To learn who we are, what we do, and how we help you, please follow the links below.

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We appreciate the value that brokers and other professionals bring to real estate transactions, and we're pleased to recognize procuring brokers. Our brokerage relationships and terms are available for review on our Broker & Other Intermediaries web page.

If you are a broker or other intermediary with client who might be interested in buying or leasing any Cherokee property, please contact the listing broker, if any, or else contact Jay Wolfkind in Cherokee's Red Bank, NJ office at (732) 741-2000.

Cherokee owns many types of real estate, including residential, commercial, industrial, and vacant raw land.

The links on this web page are typical of the properties we currently offer for lease or, in some instances, for sale.

While some individuals associated with Cherokee are licensed real estate salespeople in New Jersey, the Cherokee Group does not broker properties as an agent. All of the properties on this web site are owned by Cherokee.

For your convenience, this page presents our current offerings divided into Residential and Commercial.

Properties that have been listed with real estate brokers are generally not accessible through this web site, so as not to undermine the efforts of the local brokers. If you are a broker interested in working with us, perhaps because you have a customer interested in one of our properties, please see our Real Estate Brokers page.

For lease or sale property links:

We update this web site frequently, but this list is not guaranteed to be current. If you saw a Cherokee sign on a property, just call the number on that sign for more information.

California Properties

We anticipate opening an office in San Diego, California in 2011. Concurrent with that expansion we will launch web sites specifically to coordinate and market our properties in Southern California. Until then, Cherokee's real estate investments in California are managed and marketed by local agents. To avoid confusion we do not market our California properties on this web site.