Government Should Sell to Us

Mon. Jul. 15, 2024

Why Government Should Sell to Cherokee

This page discusses some of the reasons why government agencies sell their non-performing assets to Cherokee, including some of the benefits they receive when Cherokee becomes the owner of distressed properties or tax liens in their locality.

Obviously nothing here is meant to imply that a government agency should circumvent the normal proper procedures of evaluation, advertising and bidding the disposition of public property. These protocols insure that the taxpayers receive full value for whatever real estate or tax liens are being sold, and that all prospective purchasers are treated equally.

In certain circumstances governments may convey assets for full price to responsible parties, like Cherokee. For example, in New Jersey a municipality can assign municipal tax liens to a private party for full price, so long as the transaction is publicly advertised, and it is confirmed by a public vote of the town council. These are the situations that this web page is intended to invite.

The reason a municipality should consider selling tax liens to Cherokee is because of our reputation as a responsible property owner. Download our brochure: Transforming Non-Performing Assets or see our References page to learn what others are saying about us .