Cherokee as Subcontractor to Others

Wed. Jun. 12, 2024

Cherokee as Subcontractor to Others

Cherokee has been a prime contractor, and a major subcontractor, on Federal, State and County government contracts. We have also provided data to Federal agencies. We have been bonded.

We no longer actively pursue this business model.

As a general rule, Cherokee does not act as an agent for others. We are principal investors.

However, we are an entrepreneurial organization. We understand that recognizing and responding to opportunities is critical to our success.

Therefore we welcome the opportunity to explore joint ventures and other cooperative business partnerships, where our involvement can add value to a sizable transaction.

Cherokee's expertise in due diligence and asset recovery, and our woman and small business set-aside business certifications may facilitate bidding vendor opportunities on government contracts, and large Asset Management and Recovery contracts with federally-chartered or federally-insured organizations.

If Cherokee's participation in such an endeavor will further our business and social objectives we will be responsive, discrete, and appreciative of the opportunity.

If you wish to explore the possibility of having Cherokee partner with your organization on a contract, or on the acquisition of a portfolio of non-performing US assets, please contact Ian Richardson by phone (732-741-2000) or through out Contact Us webform.

We will be discreet, responsive, reliable, and imaginative. Thank you.