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Wed. Apr. 17, 2024
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Cherokee's mission is to be an agent for change, helping people and communities better their circumstances. We do this by restoring real estate to productive use.

The purpose of this web site is to further these goals, and to help others. Helping you easily find the information you seek is just another way in which we strive to be helpful.

In addition to this How May We Assist You? page, we offer two other methods by which you can quickly locate the information you seek, or that we believe may be most useful to you, based on your job, your status, or your area of interest: Search and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) . We encourage you to try this Info Guide first. Just scroll down the two columns below to locate either your job title, or your area of interest and then just click on that link.

Alternately, Search allows you to enter one or two specific words to look for. If you have a question that you want answered, please look to see if others have asked it previously on our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)pages. If your question is already on that list, you can immediately have your answer.