Resources for Local Communities

Wed. Jun. 12, 2024
Cherokee wants to help and be part of a Communities solution. In addition to our own activities, we offer these informational resources for community-based organizations. Return here often, as we'll continue to add more tools and resources

Resources for Local Community Development Organizations

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Additional information for local community development organizations will be added to this web page. If you would like to be notified when new content is posted, or if you would like to explore the possibility of partnering with Cherokee in your New Jersey community, please call Charlotte Cohen at (732) 741-2000 during business hours, or send us a request using our webform at Contact Us.

Cherokee is a real estate investor. We own and operate commercial and residential rental properties. However, our goals are much more than simply making money. We strive to improve the circumstances of the people and properties we encounter, facilitating community development as a strategy to contribute to society. Achieving these goals, while earning a fair profit, is our Mission.

We also proudly present some examples of our how Cherokee's successful efforts have helped families and communities.

The majority of this web site is intended to further our goal of helping others in the course of our business activities. We strive to be a catalyst for positive change, facilitating social and economic improvement by enhancing property values, preserving and creating affordable housing, recycling existing properties, improving tax collections, and promote social justice by offering safe, affordable housing to working class people, in the communities they work.

This web site is under construction. We will be adding resources to this particular page that is intended to help local social service groups and community-based housing development organizations strengthen their own communities and better serve their constituencies. In addition to our own activities directly involved with specific properties, we offer informational resources on this web site to help other investors, government agencies, community-based social service organizations, and individuals accomplish the same things we do, namely preserving affordable housing, and recycling commercial and residential properties in a way that promotes economic and social improvement.

We offer a variety of community development information resources at Community Development Resources, or you can download a brochure that may help you persuade abandoned or contaminated property owners to consider selling to Cherokee.

"Local" community development is often concerned about small geographies called "neighborhoods", and with having the resources to assist specific families. If you are affiliated with a local community development organization, we encourage you to learn more about the ways your local LISC office (Local Initiatives Support Corp.) can help you revitalize your community.