Prospective Residential Tenants

Thu. Dec. 13, 2018
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Prospective Residential Tenants

This page is intended to help people who are looking to rent apartments or homes. Some of the information is general in nature, and some is specific to New Jersey. Our objective is to provide useful information to people.

If you are an individual looking to buy a home for your own residence, please see Housing to Own.

If you are a Housing Authority or other non-profit organization that helps people locate rental housing, and you do not charge any fees to your clients, please Housing Auth seeks Rental Units.

General information, and many housing resources, for consumers looking for rental housing can be found on our Help with Rental Housing page.

To see a list of properties in New Jersey that Cherokee presently offers for rent, please see: Current Residential Rentals in NJ.

A PDF version of Cherokee's standard residential rental application can be downloaded . If you were given a different form by one of our property managers, please use that.