We're Capable

Thu. May. 30, 2024
Cherokee has the financial and construction resources AND the property and foreclosure management skills to meet your needs.

Some of Our Capacities

Construction Resources

Cherokee is primarily a real estate investor. Our core capabilities include in-house construction crews that can quickly analyze the physical condition of a property, and plan its renovation. This in-house capability is a competitive advantage over “money investors” who must hire outside vendors to perform these tasks. We understand real estate, it's not just the result of a bad loan, it's our core business. This perspective, and the control and flexibility that comes from “owning” the resource, provides us with advantages in terms of costs and responsiveness, and the ability to more reliably budget the time and money associated with returning a real estate asset to “performing” status. These resources include experienced construction and property management crews and equipment.

Property Management

Cherokee owns and operates commercial and residential properties. Our in-house property management function enables us to efficiently and effectively maximize the value of these assets. The control and internalized knowledge associated with having internal management functions reduce operating expenses, increase the value of our portfolio, and reduce our risk profile. Our property management teams are experienced with residential and commercial property management laws in every jurisdiction that we operate. In addition to our own maintenance crews, we have standby agreements with maintenance contractors to insure a response 24/7 for urgent maintenance issues.

Capacity can mean a lot of things, including financial resources, human skills, and total organizational infrastructure. It's having current ability, plus the potential for growth. It's having knowledge, experience, organization, reputation, and focus.

Cherokee is an integrated asset recovery operation, experienced in every phase of asset rejuvenation. We can identify, analyze, acquire, recover, rehabilitate and manage (or sell) real estate or related financial instruments, all in house.

See checking us out for an overview of Cherokee Realty. or download many of our brochures.

Financial Resources

For obvious reasons we do not publish detailed financial information on the Internet. However if you are a prospective partner or asset seller, and have an appropriate need to better understand our financial resources, we will document our ability to meet our obligations in a timely manner. In addition to our own reserves, we have substantial external resources including standby credit lines available for acquisitions. We can provide Letters of Credit, and even Bond our obligations, assuring you that a commitment from Cherokee can and will be honored.

Foreclosure Management

The heart of Cherokee's business is the recovery of “non-performing” assets. This usually means foreclosing on mortgages and tax liens, to get title to a property if the lien is not paid. We have recovered real estate, including clouded titles, mortgages including “scratch & dent” loans, tax liens, judgments, and contract rights. Our proven ability to evaluate a situation from the perspective of the collateral property, the viability of a loan or lien, and the condition of the people and organizations associated with the property and debt, enables us to determine the most viable legal strategy to effectuate the optimal recovery.

These resources often span several different Cherokee business units, analogous to the departments of a company.

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